A quick trip to Balmoral beach


The weather is getting nicer around here, and while “nicer” doesn’t necessarily mean “warmer”, it does mean I’m more inclined to go out and explore rather than stay home playing video games all day while swaddled under multiple blankets. Hooray.

On one such instance where I’d ventured out  I’d met a friend for brunch on the weekend and we were talking about places to explore. She suggested a walk around Balmoral since it was nearby. In fact, it’s only a twenty minute drive from Sydney, though you’d never guess it from the quiet, seaside town vibe you get once you arrive.

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Honolulu has a north shore too: A (belated) road trip recap


It feels like ages now, but it wasn’t too long ago that I was vacationing in sunny Hawaii with a close friend of mine. I was going through some photos the other day and found a bunch from a road trip we’d taken from Waikiki to Honolulu’s North Shore. And then it hit me— since I was just talking about some of Sydney’s northern beaches, this is the perfect time to give a little recap of that road trip (that I’d meant to do forever ago). Hello, segue!

So without further ado, here’s my “oh hey, Honolulu has a North Shore too” recap.

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A rainy day trip to Sydney’s Northern Beaches


Oops… I disappeared again. I need to stop doing that.

Quick life update: I’ve started a new job and after some visa delays was in a bit of a funk. Now I am finally starting to feel like I’m back in a routine again. As part of that routine, I’ve been making a point of trying to go someplace new on the weekends. And I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how accessible a lot of these places have been from Sydney’s CBD.

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Hiking in Hawaii: Oahu’s Diamond Head


After spending a couple days at the beach in Waikiki, splashing around in the water and laying in the sand started to get old.

I’d heard good things about the Diamond Head State Monument in Honolulu so that was where I headed. It’s a big ol’ crater made by volcanic activity about 300,000 years ago — turned military base — turned state park and popular tourist and hiking destination. Fun fact: In the 1700’s British explorers mistook the quartz crystals they found in the crater for diamonds, and since then it was named Diamond Head.

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Beachy Keen in Waikiki


Oops, I may have disappeared again. But not completely! If any of you follow me on Instagram, you’d know I was in Oahu just last week. This was my first trip to Hawaii and it was amazing. Sun, sand, water that’s not too-close-for-my-liking-to-freezing-temperature… AH-MAZING.

I stayed in Waikiki, at a hotel just a five minute walk from the beach. There’s no denying Waikiki is a very touristy place (see the Hard Rock Cafe, P.F. Chang’s, and Cheesecake Factory on Kalakua Ave), but then again you’re in Hawaii. Not exactly off the beaten path. 🙂

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