Hi! I’m Carla. I love hockey, video games, fashion, popcorn, long naps, frolicking on the beach, and cupcakes among other things, though not necessarily in that order. And traveling — but I have a feeling you already knew that.

I started this blog a little over a year ago just to sort out my random thoughts online and over time it became a place where I shared the things that make me happy… namely my experiences while traveling. Now that I am in the process of moving to Australia (and super excited about it !!!!!11one!!) I’ll have even more to write about on that front, so please stay tuned!


So what is a Carbar anyway?

Me! I am a Carbar!

At 5’2″ one might say I’m not that tall (actually, a lot of people might say that). While I was at school to learn the fine art of programming, the majority of my peers and the student populace in general towered over me. One day while we were working on a project a friend told me that I was a fun-sized person. “Like one of those mini chocolate bars”, he said, hence a Carbar. It’s silly, and I’m not really in touch with the friend that coined that name these days, but it’s been a nickname that new friends like to use so it’s stuck with me since then.


Contact Me

Questions? Comments? Brick? I am open to discuss ideas, collaborations and more! You can contact me here.