My Aussie Bucket List


So I’ve been calling Sydney “home” for a month now. While I still don’t feel totally settled, there are little things I’ve experienced that make me feel a bit less like a tourist. Things like remembering which bus will deposit me closest to the apartment as opposed to by the beach where I have to walk a bit further to get home. (Granted, that’s not necessarily a bad thing). Or the owner of the coffee shop across the street who I now know by name and that I stop to chat with every now and then. Oh, and that one time I said I was “keen” to try something and I didn’t even realise it. Still working on the rest of the slang though. Up next, “heaps keen”, “I reckon”, and, “I’ll have a choccy biccy for breakky in the morno………. mate”.

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A weekend in Melbourne reminds me of T.O.


Last weekend was another first for me. I hopped on a plane to Melbourne, Victoria where I spent a couple happy days exploring in and around the CBD and consuming copious amounts of coffee.

I stayed in St. Kilda and took the tram into the inner city each morning, and in doing so felt just a teensy pang of homesickness. The busy city trams reminded me so much of the streetcars in Toronto (in the way they look and in how slowly they operate.. hah). So much in fact that I started catching glimpses of home everywhere I went.

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Camping by the ocean at Bouddi’s Little Beach


Sorry for the extended radio silence, friends! I finally made the move to Australia and have been getting readjusted to life down under for the past week… and making time for some fun and much needed relaxation. Moving across the world is kinda stressful but, I am proud to say, I experienced no jet lag whatsoever. A first for me.

Not unlike my last trip, my first weekend in the country was spent camping. This time in beautiful Bouddi (yes, it does in fact rhyme with booty) National Park, just an hour and a half’s drive north of Sydney’s CBD. Our campsite was called Little Beach. Very appropriate as it is located in a little cove with waves that looked great for surfing.

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I survived spa time in Winnipeg: My Thermëa experience


I never thought I would be happy to come home to -10 weather. Scratch that. I was positively ecstatic. I guess a few days in Winnipeg will do that to you. No offence to anyone from that city, or Manitoba for that matter, but it is WICKED cold out there. If it wasn’t for the fact that it is home to one of my favourite people I would never ever, ever go. Never. Ever. At least not again in the winter. (Sorry Tricia!).

Now that I’m back in a place where I don’t have to worry about my eyes freezing shut when I go outside, I feel like I can share one of the experiences I had while visiting said favourite person. While I was in Winnipeg last week my friend and I made a trip to ThermĂ«a, a Nordic-style spa popular for it’s “thermal experience”.

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Hello 2016


So 2015 turned out to be an exciting year, and I was lucky that I had the opportunities I did to be able to travel so much, and to some really neat places. I spent some time in South America, Africa, Europe, various places in the States, and Australia. I have always loved to travel, and have always made a point of planning a trip to someplace new at least once a year, but I don’t think I have ever been in the air so much in 365 days.

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