Things that make me happy

inspirational quote

An inspirational quote on the wall of my favourite store on Queen St.

working from home

I work from home on Wednesdays. It’s EXACTLY what I need to get through the work week.

Nike Fuelband lunch time badge

Because I was working from home, I was able to work out over lunch. It was glorious. Wish I could do it more often!


Most of my coworkers were at a conference this week so I had a couple more days to work from home than normal. So I took some time to experiment in the kitchen, which was more fun than I thought it would be. This from someone who’s pretty terrible at cooking. Enter my Healthy Thai Coconut Curry Experiment. And the mess it left behind. I thought it was pretty good for a first attempt at such a dish (and a healthyish one at that), but it probably needs some work. Mr. J insisted it was great even the day after. This is why I love him. ūüôā

It was a lot of work though, sooo… that was where the home-cooked meals ended. I generally aim to eat healthy, wholesome foods about 80% of the time — whether I make them myself or not — but sometimes work and/or laziness gets in the way.

And then you vow to have a healthy weekend, but there’s a special occasion which would obviously take precedent.¬†A good friend of mine comes to Toronto only a couple¬†times a year, and she likes to go all out. It just so happened this weekend one of those times. I can’t very well deny my friend a good time just because I want to eat healthy things (or learn to cook) now, can I? As they say, everything in moderation! And, there’s always next time!¬†The next day my schedule (and eating habits) went back to normal anyway. Well, maybe a few hours later than normal. Still, not too shabby!


gummy bears and... vodka?

I prepared a quick adult-friendly snack for us to eat before heading out for the evening. Look forward to a post on this soon!

tuna ceviche tostada

Loved this tuna ceviche from La Carnita on College.

lavendar macaron

This cute little macaron was the perfect post-party treat. It was so well made just one was enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.

blue jays dressing room

Ended my weekend by heading to the Skydome Rogers Center for a TO Blue Jays event. Included was a tour of their dressing room!

Ended my weekend by heading to the Rogers Center for a TO Blue Jays event.  Included was a tour of their dressing room!

My not-quite-spring wantlist

It’s officially been spring for the past three weeks, but the weather’s only just starting to warm up now here in Toronto. (I use the term “warm up” pretty loosely. I’m sure most of you would agree that 4C is hardly warm, but it’s def better than -30). Still, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the snow is all but gone… yet we’re stuck in this weird not-quite-spring limbo weather where it’s not quite cold enough to need your Canada Goose, but it’s not quite warm enough to wear your shorts/tanks/sandals/etc. Aka all the stuff people that live elsewhere are probably wearing right now.

Aaand I’m not okay with that. Why, you ask? Because screw you, weird limbo weather. So maybe I’m a little jealous.

At any rate, here are a few pieces on my not-quite-spring wantlist:

not-quite-spring want list

[1] comfy T // Wilfred
[2] leopard sunnies // NastyGal
[3] mint shorts // H&M
[4] yellow rain boots // Joules
[5] floral cap // Forever 21
[6] bracelet // Anthropologie
[7] Essie polish in Rock the Boat // pretty much any drugstore
[8] chevron sandals // Zara
[9] striped dress // Aritzia

Trying to keep warm,

One of my favourite things: Socks!!

For the longest time I have had a thing for socks. Knee-high socks or OTKs in particular, because I just love the way they look peeking out over the top of a pair of boots or on top of tights… which I tend to wear a lot in Toronto, thanks to cold air we get even in the summer, and my chronically cold feet. And then there are fun socks are, which are, well..¬†fun. When you wear something unexciting to work, say jeans and a T, knowing you’ve got a pair of crazy zig-zag striped socks in your shoes that no one else can see is like having a secret. Unless you take your shoes off to sit cross-legged in your chair, in which case your secret’s out, friend.

Recently I found these cute little cupcake socks. Read on for the story behind them!

cupcake socks from [store]

So I play floor hockey most Sundays, with games typically ending in the early-to-late evening. ¬†Walking home from these games along Queen St. West was an opportunity for me¬†to unwind before I got home and had to get busy getting ready for the upcoming work week. I’d typically pass a bunch of nice stores, some restaurants and wait.. what’s that? A sock store?!! ¬†Sadly, due to the late timing of the majority of my¬†games the store,¬†Floorplay Socks, was never open, but from what I could see in the window they had all sorts of socks. Knee-socks, ankle socks, striped, polka dots, monkeys, ninjas, hamburgers… too bad it wasn’t open late at night. Every time I¬†walked by the store it was closed.

One lucky day saw me¬†leaving our game and walking home around 5pm. Score, I thought. It’s light out — the sock place would still be open!

So I’m¬†run up to the store with a big, stupid grin on my face. Imagine my surprise (and dismay!) to find just as I’m reaching for the door a woman is locking it from the other side and telling me they’ve JUST closed. I could see a pair of hamburger socks in the window mocking me. Sad face. After that¬†I thought it just wasn’t meant to be.

Until recently.

I¬†ended up back in that area this weekend to have brunch with a friend and lo and behold, Floorplay was open. I was super hungry and so was my friend¬†but I had to go in. This may very well be my only chance to check out this store and I wasn’t going to waste it!

It was totally worth having to wait an extra 20 minutes for a table, IMHO. They had all kinds of fun socks, even the hamburger ones… which sadly were only available in men’s sizes and therefore too huge for my feet. Otherwise I was in sock heaven. Anyway, after a lot of deliberation (socks are serious business, ya know) I ended up with these adorable cupcake ones. Socks + cupcakes? I love both things so it was obviously fate.

So. The moral of the story is: I love socks. The end.

Candy coloured gift ideas

One of my best bud’s birthdays is coming up and I’ve been trying to think of some fun ideas for the perfect gift. Which isn’t always the easiest task. At least not for this girl – she has tons of clothes and likes to change up her style on the reg – and I don’t want to be the one to give her any old thing. I like to put some thought into it.

It might just be me, but I personally love buying gifts. Choosing a theme or planning what I want to buy is probably my favourite part, next to the actual gift-giving event. It’s fun to organize (disclaimer… I may or may not be a tad OCD when it comes to planning/making lists) AND it makes life easier when it’s time to go shopping because I already have an idea of what I want¬†to buy. And I’m not wasting time wandering aimlessly. Or getting distracted by clothes/shoes/things that¬†_I_¬†want to buy (hey, it happens!).

So back to my friend. She and I have a long-standing inside joke about candy, so I thought why not find her some fun candy-coloured stuff? Check out my gift inspiration compilation below!

candy coloured gifts

[1] Watermelon clutch // NastyGal
[2] Adidas hi-tops // Urban Outfitters
[3] Neon Swiss Army Knife // Urban Outfitters
[4] Bracelets // H&M
[5] Coral baseball cap // Forever 21
[6] iPhone 5/5S case // Anthropologie
[7] Headphones // UrbanEars

Note: In my friend’s actual gift there may or may not be actual candy. I suggest you add some too if you’re planning a candy theme. Enjoy!


Hello, Internet!

I’m Carla, and this is my generic, awkward first post.

I’m starting this blog to document the things that make me happy and, well, me. Since those things mainly include (but aren’t limited to!) fashion, art and writing, I thought it would make sense to start a blog. Enjoy!

A couple quick facts about me:

  • I like other things too:¬†traveling, baking (and eating) cupcakes, hockey, video games, cats, popcorn, socks and most cute things.
  • Yep, Carbar is one of many nicknames I have been given.
  • As I said before, fashion, writing and art are some of my favourite things… yet I work full-time as a software programmer and use the left side of my brain most days.
  • I’m ¬†pretty confident that I spend more time on the internet than I probably should.
  • As someone into fashion it shouldn’t surprise you that I ¬†happen to really, really like shoes. And boots. Definitely love me some boots.

On that note, dear Internet, allow me to introduce you to my new friends from¬†Jeffrey Campbell¬†. I’m a big fan.

new pair: Jeffrey Campbell booties

– C

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