A quick trip to Balmoral beach


The weather is getting nicer around here, and while “nicer” doesn’t necessarily mean “warmer”, it does mean I’m more inclined to go out and explore rather than stay home playing video games all day while swaddled under multiple blankets. Hooray.

On one such instance where I’d ventured out  I’d met a friend for brunch on the weekend and we were talking about places to explore. She suggested a walk around Balmoral since it was nearby. In fact, it’s only a twenty minute drive from Sydney, though you’d never guess it from the quiet, seaside town vibe you get once you arrive.

Balmoral is a little harbour beach full of fancy yachts, surrounded by parks and really, really exxy (that’s Aussie for expensive), immaculate houses. Because of this, Balmoral beach and the surrounding suburban streets of Mosman, is known here as the “rich people’s beach”. Not my words, I swear.

Rich beach or no, Balmoral beach is still pretty accessible. Sure, the parking isn’t cheap, and if you’re hungry and feel like spending money the few restaurants and cafes nearby though nice are also a little on the pricey side. BUT it doesn’t cost anything to pack a picnic, read a book on a blanket in the park, stroll along the boardwalk and take in the views, or just zone out and stare at the calm, perfectly blue waters. (Or maybe I’m just cheap?). Speaking of water, there’s also a swimming enclosure with a shark net. Which is probably safe… I’m sure.

While I am still getting used to seeing shark nets as a regular occurrence at the beach and therefore am not keen to go into waters more than knee deep, other, more adventurous people (read: everyone else) see Balmoral as a great place for splashy activities like swimming, snorkelling, and stand-up paddle boarding. From what I hear it can get pretty busy in the summertime which, thankfully, is only a couple months away now.

Whether I risk heading into the water or not, I hope to come back to Balmoral again sometime soon!


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